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"My Caribbean"

" My Caribbean"


My Caribbean is sunny skies, crystal clear seas, umbrella drinks, coconut and palm trees blowing in the wind, its bright colours and festivals, it’s beautiful people, it’s spicy and flavourful foods BUT most of all it’s a place where dreams become reality!

My Caribbean is that and soooo much more. Our history makes us a multicultural and diverse region. The real Caribbean is a made up of many islands that are ALL unique!  

They have contrasting landscapes, ecosystems, ethnicities, and foods. In the Caribbean there is something to suit your every taste!


"My Pepper"

Scotch Bonnet pepper also known as the Caribbean red pepper or the Ball of Fire is found mainly in the Caribbean islands.

Most of these amazingly flavourful peppers have a heat rating of 100,000–350,000 Scoville Units.In the Caribbean these hot hot peppers are used to flavour many dishes and cuisines especially in pepper sauces and condiments and is also used in everyday cooking.

Fresh, ripe scotch bonnets change from green to colours ranging from yellow to scarlet red and these peppers are family to the habanero but should not be confused as them as they have a sweeter flavour and a stouter shape.These peppers that I've imported from the country farmers in Jamaica are also most often used on jerk chicken or pork, peppered shrimp, peppered steak and patties (a meat-filled pie).

The Scotch bonnet is the pepper of choice among Caribbean nationals.